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How To Reposition Yourself to Thrive in the Post-Covid Workplace

Over a year has passed since the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic. In that time, we have lived through varied levels of lockdown that have resulted in excessive job losses, high unemployment and salary cuts which have painted a rather bleak picture for the average South African worker.

Recent global trends have seen major shifts in the way organizations are structured and conduct business. With many making a shift to remote working with the help of various digital platforms, employees have had to adapt to the changing needs of businesses all while navigating the challenges posed by a rapidly shifting job market. 

In this uncertain economy and unstable job market, working professionals are beginning to question how they will work, live and thrive in a post-pandemic future. Here are a few things to consider and use to reposition yourself to succeed in the post-Covid workplace. 

Where do you really want to be?

It can be deeply disheartening to feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with your current career trajectory. A common sentiment expressed by workers during this time is the feeling of being stuck in their current roles or industries as a result of the general instability and uncertainty of the local job market. Taking stock of your current situation could be the first step to getting your career to where you want it to be. 

Take some time to reflect on how you are currently positioned, the skills, networks and connections you have and use them to begin to build a career strategy that can get you on the right track. 

Upskill - Digitally

The pandemic has reshaped our economic structure and job market. The vast majority of businesses that have thrived throughout the pandemic have done so by making the move towards digital and platform-based business models. Ultimately, the development and future success of these businesses will rely on a workforce that is technologically and digitally astute. 

No matter the industry, learning new digital skills will be a pivotal step in helping you prepare yourself for the accelerated levels of digitization that are reshaping the job market. 

Try on different hats

Professionals already in the job market are struggling with various challenges posed by job losses, salary cuts and an absence of opportunities and avenues to switch career paths. The global economy has however been moving towards a more gig-based structure where workers can use their full range of skills to increase their earning potential for some time prior to the pandemic. 

This may present a unique opportunity for career professionals to reinvent themselves and give their careers a push in novel directions. Try new things that you are passionate about and enjoy and develop a variety of soft and hard skills that you can use in different roles and industries.   

Embrace Change

Over the course of the year, the workplace environment has faced persistent challenges and changes that can be anxiety-inducing for workers who are not clear on what those changes mean for their role or their future in the organization. It is important however to remain adaptable when faced with obstacles in the workplace.

Be flexible and keep an open mind about changes occurring both in your role and in your workplace. Employees that are able to manage change are more valued by employers, are perceived to be more resourceful and tend to maintain relevance as they’re quick to embrace new ways of doing things.

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