LifeCheq Book Club: Designing Your Life

Date: November 16, 2020

5:30 pm

Bill Burnett is a mechanical engineer and the Executive Director of the Design Program at Stanford University. Dave Evans is a Management Consultant and lectures for the program. Together they teach the highly successful course Designing Your Life and have also co-authored the book by the same name. 

Having helped thousands of students change the way they live, through this book they are extending the invitation to everyone - not just those who manage to get a chance to walk through the halls of Stanford.The book asks age-old questions that plague many and that we’ve also tackled here at LifeCheq;
* How do I find a job I like - and can maybe even love? #PlanningYourNextBigCareerMove
* How do I balance work and life? #HavingItAll
* How do I make a difference in the world? #PassionPurposeGettingPaid

The trick with these big life questions is not just about whether we have the tools to move towards a solution; or working out the how - it’s firstly about figuring out where we ought to begin. In teaching us how to think like designers the duo invite us to confronting these questions and develop a love of problems, and more specifically, reframing problems. So it’s less about what you want to be when you grow up and more about what you want to grow into. 

Freelance writer and co-founder of the food club Third Culture Experiment, Nobhongo Gxolo and LifeCheq’s Head of Business Development, Grant Appel, will lead this exciting conversation. And they invite you to join in and share your own personal experiences and insights. 

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