Our statement of integrity – LifeCheq

Our statement of integrity

The founders of LifeCheq started this business because we truly believe in the power of good advice to change lives. Having spent a lot of time in the financial services industry and being exposed to so much of what is wrong with it, our mission as a team is to bring about positive change by building a business based on independence as a founding principle. 

Technology and expertise are key elements of our business, but relationships and community are far more important. The foundation of both is trust: trust that we will deliver what we say and that we will always act with integrity. 

Our Independence means that we are not tied to any product provider or product line, and that we are free to give advice that is only concerned with your ability to achieve what matters most to you. The reason LifeCheq’s founders left the industry to start this company is because a lack of independence has been the root cause of why it has failed so many people.

Independence matters. The reason we charge an explicit and transparent subscription fee is so that you as our client and us as your trusted partner can both be sure that we can give you advice that is only focused on your goals and needs. 

This is our commitment to you:

We will be transparent in all our fees or any potential conflicts

We will act as fiduciaries, always putting your interests first as a client

We will offer independent advice, designed to best serve your needs without regard to fees or incentives

We will maintain our independence from any product provider

We will treat you fairly and consistently with all our other clients

We will endeavour to be a high-value-for-money service provider to you as our client 

We will protect your personal data to the highest possible standard, and will never divulge confidential or personal data willingly (save for regulatory requirements) or for gain. What you tell us in confidence will only be used to give you our best advice and to improve the service we provide to you. We will never sell your data.

Any fee reductions from product providers which we can negotiate will be passed on to you. 

All our communications, documents, contracts, disclaimers, undertakings will be written in clear language that is easy to understand. 

And above all, we will always give you our very best, in every interaction you have with us.

Yours in trust,

The LifeCheq Team