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Pay Attention to Your Money and Decisions

Setting the intention to reach your financial goals begins with the pivotal decision to take action- what you do next could define how successful you are.

By Kutlwano Sello

Financial freedom is an all-too-often heard buzzword that most desire but have little to no knowledge how to achieve. Most people simply want to live uninhibited by the stress financial decisions can bring while comfortably being able to afford the things they want and need. Paying attention to your money and the decisions that you make with it could be the defining change you make that will transform your life.

What does Financial Freedom mean anyway?

The truth is there is no generic model for what financial freedom is and even if there were, it may not work for you. Financial freedom means different things to different people - for some, it could mean having enough to travel internationally two times a year while it could mean paying off debt and having sizable investments and savings for others. Start by defining what it means to you.

Pay Attention to your money

Asking for a separate bill at a restaurant is tacky. Talking about money is crass and asking someone how much money they make is simply unheard of. These are some of the many ways in which we have socially been conditioned to be careless when it comes to our money. 

While we’re happy to spend the extra few Rands rather than run the risk of sacrificing something we are supposed to value more, like our manners or time, this carelessness could represent a great deal of money being lost over time. Paying attention to your money could be the game changer that vastly improves your financial situation. 

Start by really looking at what things cost. Find out what fees and commissions you’re paying on your investments, interrogate what ‘free’ really means before you subscribe to another service and regularly review your monthly financial statements. 

Managing your money in a transparent and honest way is the first step to taking control of your financial situation. 

At LifeCheq, our dedicated advisors can help you build a personalised roadmap to achieve your personal finance goals. Visit to sign up for your obligation-free consultation now. 

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