Side Hustles – The Ideas, Part 1

Starting a side hustle can be a fun way to make extra cash and do something engaging to keep you on your toes. But not everyone has an idea at the ready to turn into cold hard money.

By: Nic Haralambous

Starting a side hustle can be a fun way to make extra cash and do something engaging to keep you on your toes. But not everyone has an idea at the ready to turn into cold hard money.

In this article we’re going to kickstart your brain with a few ideas that we think could be used to start a side hustle.

The Gig Economy

There has been a lot of talk about the “gig economy” recently with Uber and their ilk bursting onto the scene a few years ago. Everyone is jumping on this trend but it’s more than just a trend. The gig economy is a fundamental shift in the way we look at work. You can now work when you want to on what you want within your own time boundaries. That’s a revolutionary way to look at the world of work and income generation.

To kick start your gig economy career you need to first take a good hard look at yourself and figure out what skills you have that can be used to generate income on some of the relevant platforms. I mean this quite literally, stop right now, get a pen and a piece of paper and write down things you know you’re good at, things you love to do and things you think you could list on these sites to get someone to buy.

Fiverr allows you to offer up services to other people and get paid in return. You can just about offer up any service you can think of that people would buy. Here are just a few categories; Business, Design, Lifestyle, Music & Audio.

I managed to find someone who would draw a cartoon version of me for ±R1000. For R500 I found someone who would do a prank or something fun for me. The world is your customer and just about any skill goes!

Fiverr isn’t the only place to go to find more ideas of what people are willing to pay for. You can try any of the following websites to kickstart your thinking:

UpWork Mechanical Turk 99Designs

Teach, Write, Read

If you’re reading this article then I know that you can read. Good job! Now that we’ve cleared that up you could consider reading and/or writing for some extra cash. There is always going to be content to read and articles to write. That’s where you could insert yourself. The Internet is filled with people looking for help to boost their content. If you have an eye for grammar issues then you could definitely start a side hustle proofreading other people’s work. Head to Proofread Online and take a look around.

Alternatively, you could also write articles about topics that interest you and get paid to do so. Freelancer helps you do just this.

One of my favourite online services is Just Answer. Experts in specific topics can join and answer questions posed by the public. You’ll get paid to answer these questions. So if you have a hidden talent or obsession you should apply to join as an expert.

With audio content exploding right now, a service that I’ve used online before is someone to transcribe audio recordings into text. This is a fairly straightforward service that anyone with a bit of patience and basic typing skills can do. Visit TranscribeMe or similar services to find out if you can get started.

If you have always liked the idea of teaching and meet certain criteria then you may want to consider teaching English online. This sounds too good to be true but there are many services out there that will allow you to make money while teaching people how to speak English. Cambly is just one of these but do some research and you’ll see many alternatives catering to lots of different markets and requiring different qualifications before you get started.

Another way to consider tutoring is to tap into your personal network via social networks and offer up lessons via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. If you can play an instrument, see if anyone in your network wants to learn how to play. If you have a knack for the Sciences, see if there are parents who could use a tutor. You get the idea. List your skills and talk to people about them!

Virtual Assistants

Even before COVID-19, the concept of a virtual assistant was gaining traction. There is even a virtual assistant association of South Africa that you can visit to dive more deeply into the world of a VA.

The premise is simple; people hate organising their own lives but a select few of us absolutely love organising everything. If you’re one of those people then you could be perfectly positioned to become a VA.

Figure Out Your Skills

One of the most important things to do when considering a side hustle is research. Don’t be shy to search for absolutely anything that comes to your mind. Google isn’t judging your search terms so don’t hold back.

If you think of something that just might help you earn some money do a quick search online and see if there’s a platform that enables you. If not, keep searching until you find something that fits.

Be clear about what you want to achieve; do you have two hours per day or is this a full time shift? Do you only want to work on weekends or at nights? Great! Find something that fits your needs and your skillset and give it a try. If you hate it, don’t do it again but if it works you may be on the cusp of changing your life.

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