Welcome to LifeCheq

A bit about our service before you sign up.

We are a financial consultancy. This means we help you to organise and manage your finances around your most important life goals. However we offer so much more!

Normally a masterclass course that we offer of 4.5 hours on various topics, costs several thousand rands and is a once-off experience that can be quickly forgotten. Our approach is not only to make this much more widely accessible, but also to build a journey together with you over a period of time so we can be sure that there will be impact and value for you.
As such we’ve structured our service as a 12 month experience, at an affordable price of  per month (access to events, masterclasses, digital workbooks for career strategy and business roadmaps, for example and the book club).
The value of a masterclass on its own, is more than this, and in addition to it you still get so much more:
  • Access to your own digital workbook where you complete assessments, unpack your build your career roadmap, explore trends, build your career roadmap
  • Access to additional masterclasses and a new learning experiences every month.
  • Your own personalised, detailed 20+ page life strategy report designed to help you align your personal finances, career goals and lifestyle goals
  • Monthly group sessions with other professionals on a similar journey.
  • Access to your LifeCheq client portal as a central hub for tracking your journey across your career, finances and lifestyle goals.

After the Masterclass, your account will be upgraded depending on the circumstances and the needs you have. Access to our full service including the consultant and life plan ranges from R195 to 395 per month, depending on the complexity of your circumstances, to allow you to take full advantage of our services. The upgrade can be discussed later if you want the full service. Once completing the Life Plan tool, it will give you the new fee. We will present a plan back with recommendations on your next steps and are sure to help you implement it if you give us the go ahead to. We also update this twice a year, as hey, life happens and things change all the time.

Please see the examples of the topics we have coming up on the:

We keep bringing and updating topics and tools, so these are just this coming month.All we need to sign you up is your uploaded documents (copy of ID and a 1 month bank statement or proof of bank: No need to certify) for us to set up your debit order for the monthly payment.  And to confirm your subscription with our 1 min link called “confirmation of subscription”. Kindly note that this service is a minimum of 12 months. It is about active engagement and holding you accountable for action and steps to change your life to where you want it to be. It is also about us tracking how much closer you are to the lifestyle and goals you want over the course of time.

So, what do you say?

Yes, Let’s sign me up!

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