The Business of Fashion with Papama Mtwisha.

Discover what it takes to build a diverse and influential career in fashion.

Papama Mtwisha is a fashion director, stylist, designer, speaker and now a businesswoman. For almost two decades, she has been at the forefront of South African fashion while forging a multi-dimensional career fueled by pure passion and a deep sense of purpose.

A true creative at heart, Papama continues to work as one of South Africa’s most in-demand commercial and editorial stylists with an impressive list of brands in her portfolio. In 2016, she launched her entrepreneurial debut, Butter Pudding- a kids clothing line which was inspired by her two daughters. She has since launched ‘Africa Your Time Is Now’, a movement that has a label designed to challenge common stereotypes and offer commentary on subjects like Afro-optimism, heritage and ethnic identity.

In this webinar, we discover what it takes for a creative entrepreneur to build a diverse and influential career in the world of fashion.

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