The Financial Bootcamp

Join us for our exciting workshop series, The Financial Bootcamp, where we share the steps you can take to keep your finances intact while checking off your career and lifestyle goals!

Date: December 10, 2020

5:30 pm

Like you, many career professionals have multifaceted aspirations for their lives. These aspirations and goals are often delayed by a range of responsibilities that are prioritized over our wants because that is ‘what responsible people do’. Perhaps that vacation you wanted to take last year had to wait because your little brother’s school fees were falling behind. Or you had to turn down that promotion that would’ve had you burning the midnight oil most days of the week after finding out you and your significant other were expecting a new addition to your family. Maybe you want to start that passion project on the side without giving up the stability your 9-5 provides you. How do you navigate making it all work without going into the red? Is it really possible to meet your professional and lifestyle goals and maintain good financial health? How could one possibly navigate the decision-making, planning and execution of trying to balance their responsibilities, career growth and lifestyle goals all while maintaining good money habits? Join us for our exciting new workshop series, The Financial Bootcamp, for an interactive session where we show you what intricate steps you can take to keep your finances intact while checking off your career and lifestyle goals! Using hard data, analysis, proprietary research and video interviews with our clients doing this in real life, the LifeCheq team created this exciting and insightful talk to show you the best way to approach getting and keeping your finances in order while meeting your responsibilities, thriving in your career and achieving your lifestyle goals! 

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